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Photography + Design

Hello, my name is Brad Thalmann.  I am a photographer and website, sign, and graphic designer located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I love to photograph people and that is where I spend the majority of my professional time.  I do work with a select number of clients designing logos, websites, signs.  I have a passion for creating something that has meaning and purpose for the clients I do work with.

My career in the creative fields started in fine art and then proceeded to sign and graphic design. After about 10 years full time in sign design, my interests shifted to photography. Since 2006 I have been a professional photographer.  I am the lead photographer at Harle Photography LLC, located in Green Bay, WI.  Harle Photography was started by my wife Angela Harle, and we continue to work together running our studio.  Our primary focus is creating marketing content for our commercial clients.  We create head shots, environmental portraits, food photography, and images of spaces for our clients.